Merchants Recruitment Information:

Work content:

  1. Assisting the investment promotion supervisor to be responsible for the investment promotion of the company's products;
  2. Regularly report the work situation and customer tracking to the investment supervisor, and regularly summarize the work to improve the work plan and effectiveness;
  3. Prepare annual and monthly investment plans in accordance with the company's investment promotion tasks and be responsible for the specific implementation;
  4. Strictly implement the company's various rules and regulations and obey the management;
  5. Assist in collecting, sorting, and summarizing market conditions, prices, and information materials such as new projects, competitors, and customers, and presenting analysis reports to provide reference for departmental business personnel and leadership decisions;
  6. Establish a database of pharmaceutical agent customers, responsible for the management, classification, organization, documentation and storage of the company's investment documents. And customer relationship maintenance of pharmaceutical agents in the later period;
  7. Responsible for monitoring the records or return visits of customers' opinions or information;
  8. Responsible for the production and preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual statistical reports and reports of various operational indicators, and answer the questions of the leaders on the sales situation at any time;
  9. Responsible for the preliminary negotiation of investment promotion and the drafting and signing of the investment invitation book;
  10. Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.

job requirements: 

  1. Technical secondary school or above, good character, professionalism and sense of responsibility;
  2. Strong communication skills and strong language skills;
  3. Have experience in pharmaceutical investment or have a long-term development in the pharmaceutical industry;
  4. Strong organizational and communication skills, diligent and dedicated;
  5. Experience in telemarketing and sales;
  6. Clear conversation, language organization ability, appeal, communication ability and adaptability
Product specialist recruitment information:
Main responsibilities:
1. Collect information about the use of the company's products, existing problems and customer feedback;
2. Assist the product manager to conduct market research related to the company's products;
3. Make monthly/quarterly work and promotion plans according to the regional market situation and the annual market promotion plans of each product;
4. Responsible for applying, organizing and implementing the academic promotion activities of key hospitals at the regional level, filling in the "academic activity application form", submitting the "academic activity summary form" after the academic activities, and supervising the sales to carry out follow-up work to ensure the effect of the academic activities;
5. Assist the product manager to organize and carry out academic activities of key hospitals at the company level, and establish benchmark or model;
6. Assist product manager to establish and maintain regional experts;
7. Organize agents/representatives to carry out product knowledge and promotion training according to the regional market situation;
8. Cooperate with sales representatives, visit clinicians and nurses, promote products, and deal with medical and pharmaceutical problems related to products;
9. Assist provincial/regional managers to visit agents, analyze the sales status of products and hospitals, improve the confidence and importance of agents, and ensure that agents timely and accurately understand the sales status and existing problems of products;
10. Assist the provincial/regional managers to explore potential agents and replace competing products;
11. Maintained customer relations, established a sound network of experts and customer files; .
1. Bachelor degree or above in clinical medicine from a regular university;
2. The company will arrange on-the-job training for fresh graduates, with more than 3 years' experience, they can be admitted as academic managers;
3. Strong customer service awareness, communication ability and market development ability;
4. Love sales and service work of equipment and consumables, able to work under certain pressure, have strong team spirit, and be able to travel frequently;