Intelligent reconstruction of the future, 2019CMEF China international medical device expo

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CMEF as medical health and global professional fields of science and technology innovation platform, will be on May 14, 2019-1 7 at the national convention center (Shanghai), hand in hand ICMD (medical design and manufacture exhibition), 1 hc (Chinese wisdom health: to show), with "intelligent refactorings future" as the theme, with intelligent technology as the core driving force, by technological change and reconstruction, insights medical new opportunities, open the door to health science and technology in the future.
As the world's leading integrated service platform, CMEF will continue to give play to the characteristics of internationalization and integration of the platform in the spring of 2019, and take advantage of the "belt and road" initiative to deeply explore the international market.
It is expected that there will be nearly 1000 international exhibitors from more than 20 countries and regions.
At the same time, it will cooperate with various authorities to hold "national exhibition group brand day" activities in the UK, Norway, South Korea, Malaysia, etc., to introduce the development trend, policies and regulations of the international medical market in detail to the audience, build an in-depth exchange and cooperation platform for domestic and foreign exhibitors and visitors, and promote win-win industrial cooperation. The USDOC will host the usa-ceo event at the event. The German delegation will also showcase its distinctive industrial clusters in the IVD exhibition area and the ICMD exhibition area.