Beijing international rehabilitation and personal health expo

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The exhibition profiles
20,000 square meters exhibition area
700+ brands participated in the exhibition
500+ star product technology
30+ keynote speeches
Over 50,000 people attended the show
50+ hot health products bottom group purchase
10,000 wonderful gifts
The rehabilitation robot exoskeleton cluster leads the way
We will build a one-stop procurement service platform for the entire industrial chain
Rehabilitation and personal health, as an important part of the medical and health work of "prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and health care", will continue to release the charm of the "blue ocean market" in 2019. Nice as its leading in the field of big health professional exhibition and conference organiser, hold a new round of healthy consumption upgrade brought an unprecedented opportunity, in addition to the whole industry chain to build integrated services platform for rehabilitation, innovation also expand the personal health sector covers family medicine, Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment, medical tourism, health beauty, wisdom, pension, sleep health care, health, nutrition, and other areas of the terminal medical hot items and services, was held in Beijing international rehabilitation and personal health fair, in order to comprehensive power industry develop new formats, help the masses of the people a better life!
As the largest domestic county rehabilitation product technology, product launch, procurement and trade, academic exchange and education training for the integration of professional services platform, Beijing rehabilitation and personal health fair is committed to giving full play to the advantages of platform technology driven, innovative building rehabilitation and robotic exoskeletons industry cluster, so far, the exhibition exhibition has attracted Beijing rehabilitation robots and exoskeletons cluster big moxa robot, guangzhou kang, money jiing rehabilitation medical rehabilitation robot, rhett rehabilitation robots, Beijing rehabilitation robotic exoskeletons 15 companies such as cultivating virtue and hundreds of exhibitors registration participation industry brand, At the same time, the organizer will jointly hold high-end BBS and BBS of intelligent rehabilitation equipment for clinical application of rehabilitation robots with authoritative experts and institutions such as professor pan yu, a rehabilitation expert from tsinghua changgung hospital, and professor pei yusheng from Taiwan changgung hospital, to display the latest scientific and technological achievements of the industry, and facilitate the in-depth integration of industry, education, research and application.
15 rehabilitation robot companies gathered in 200 professional procurement group has been pre-registered, you come?
Focus on hot industry trends
More than 100 experts will be invited
The organizer will hold several BBS and high-end conferences with the theme of "innovative rehabilitation technology, care for personal health" covering the whole industrial chain of industry, industry, research and application. When nearly rehabilitation experts and scholars from all over the world, will be around a hotspot in intelligent technology applications, the clinical rehabilitation difficulties, industry policy, the latest interpretation, the future trend of development of the industry, marketing strategy and tactics, such as subject, clinical rehabilitation academic BBS, smart technology maternal and child health rehabilitation BBS BBS, flora, beijing-tianjin-hebei grassroots health status peak BBS, health supplies wechat business conference and so on more than 30 2019 and hot topics BBS...
Cooperate with jd and other brand exhibitors
Re-create the medical health group purchase festival
Organizers of the 2018 hand in hand to jingdong mall successfully build health group, this year's event was both sides will be hand in hand with the domestic many brand exhibitors, jointly create health section group-buying activities on an unprecedented scale, the audience will have the chance to purchase at the show a lot of cheap and fine hot rehabilitation and personal health supplies.
Free clinic, training, health lecture hall
The interactive activities were wonderful
At that time, the organizer will invite well-known experts from Beijing famous third-tier first-class hospitals, traditional Chinese medicine hospitals, traditional Chinese medicine health care centers and other medical institutions to give on-site lectures and free clinic activities with the theme of disease prevention and treatment, training of rehabilitation therapists, recuperation of traditional Chinese medicine and healthy home life. Topics covered: prevention and treatment of cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease in the elderly, osteoporosis, family health training, sports injury rehabilitation, oral health care and other hot spots in the industry.
At the same time, relevant insurance and international legal and security consulting services that are concerned about in the medical tourism sector will be invited to introduce the industry supporting service standards and connection, so as to comprehensively meet the diversified needs of the audience. * for more on-site activities and exhibitors' new product technical recommendations, please pay attention to the WeChat platform update.